"Food is the most powerful & positive universal language in the world!"
Chef Lupe Boudreaux
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Chef Lupe Boudreaux is actually the name of a fictional character that has always stuck with our chef. He first used this "nickname" when submitting a Tex-Mex gumbo recipe online which has been featured on the website and also in the Allrecipes Magazine as the most popular Gumbo Recipe on the Internet. The Name Stuck and Gumbo is only a small piece of his cooking passion and Chef Lupe Boudreaux opened a 3000 square catering and special event facility known as Rancho De Boudreaux in 2017. It's not a restaurant per se, but rather a unique space to host events and create his delicious Tex-Mex, Traditional Southern, Chuck-wagon Ranch, Thai/Asian, Turkish/Iranian/Middle Eastern and Cajun dishes. 


A trip to a Bangkok Thailand cooking school has fast-tracked and  influenced Boudreaux's fusion-style cooking. In "Other Words", If you want it, Chef Lupe can deliver it for you no matter what Genre or country you would like food from. It truly is not about the business but the PASSION for delivering good food for folks

Quotes About Lupe's Food

“I call it Texicajun style food with a gourmet flare & a Lupe Twist!! Man, this is some of the best food I've ever sunk my teeth into!!! Being a Native Texas and having a Cajun Father, I really have an appreciation for this kind of food. Don't come expecting bland boring food because you won't find it at Boudreaux's Texicajun Party. With hints of spice, sweet sauce & bursts of lime, Jason's cooking is mouth watering. He does an Amazing Job!!” – SF

“Amazing food! I loved my mucho gusto chicken sub yesterday!”

"Wow, just had a late lunch at Lupe Boudreaux's. Talapia tacos and the hubby had chicken tacos. Great, good, delicious, fantastic. Oh and did I say sabroso! Way to go Lupe." – MA

“Had lunch at Lupe's today and it was very good.” – JP

“It was amazing!! Loved it! Y'all ROCK!” – NS

“My fish tacos were yummy.” - DS

“Lupe Boudreaux does it again!! Outstanding lunch!” -TA

“The salmon tacos were amazing!” - CH

“#4 chicken with peanut sauce... Delicioso!!! You and Shonna did awesome!!!” - LL

“Yummy, yummy, yummy! See you tomorrow!” - JT

“Thanks for the AWESOME food!!! I want to eat that well EVERYDAY!!” - JS

“Nothing like a sliced pecan smoked sausage burrito and a cold root beer!!! Makes our day seem So much better!!! Thank you Lupe!!” - SF

“Amen Lupester!!!” - JS

“GREAT FOOD..I'll be back” - BT

“I loved everything today....incredible!” - KC

“Lots of fun, GREAT Food too!!” - SR

“Hay que sabrososu comida!!!!!!!! Thank you so...........much!!!!!!!!! We love you Lupe!!!!!” - P and B

“Damn good ribs...FB Friends check it out, best seasoning I've ever had!!!'s called Mucho Gusto!!!” - BL

“Best gumbo I've had in a long time!!!” - TA

“Fish tacos were the best Jason Parks! Great lunch! Keep it up!” - WB

“You've got to come to downtown Mertzon and try some 5 star gourmet cooking! Prepared by Chef Jason Parks! Today we had the pleasure of trying his Norwegian Salmon Tacos...they were to die for!!! And the spice blends are perfecto!” - RW

“Mmmmm just ate the best fish tacos at Lupe's mobile kitchen!!! Thank You..”- MD

“Just had the salmon tacos and they were great. Highly recommend you try them.” - JP

“The salmon tacos were wonderfully tasty! I want to try the fish tacos..yummy.” - JT

“OMG, Jason, it was wonderful. Can't wait to use the seasoning tonight.” - GC

“We had a blast. You are one BAD @#% cook!!!!!” - RM

“THE BEST ENCHILADAS I HAVE EVER HAD!!! Now stomp the pedal and make some more!” - RS

“Tried the spices Jason is making/selling yesterday. Was the best tasting Pork Tenderloin! Wonderful Flavor! Thanks Jason!

"Mucho Gusto Chicken & Shrimp's all I use on fajitas now, and in eggs! Even made a pot of beans with it! I'm diggin' it! Keep up the good work!!!" - CW

“The gumbo was amazing! You're a hell of a cook.” -IL

"It was all good, but the corn salad and the sauteed carrots and onions were my favorite. Thank you for spoiling us." - SB

"It was great. Thank you for everything." - AG

"Great food!! Thank you." - NR

"It was wonderful! Yummy corn salad!" - CR

"Hey Jason, my sister stopped by last week and got me 2 servings of your Shiner Bock Stew, that was flippin awesome man!!!" - GC

"It was delsh! Thanks again." - AG

"Thank you for the wonderful meal!" - DH